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Denver Post

Pan-Asian food that's fun, cheap — in Vail?

It likely will take two, maybe three, visits before Shin Yamamoto recognizes you as a familiar face. By the fourth stop, he probably will remember your name if you shared it. Five times, and he will know what dish you like; by the 10th time, he will offer you something special or wonder why you haven't tried this "good one." --- read more

Gohan-Ya: High-end food, lower costs in West Vail

Sandwiched between Subway and Taco Bell in the West Vail strip mall, Gohan-Ya is like an island of taste in a fast-food flood. That may have been by design, given the sushi, rice and noodle dishes the intimate restaurant serves with the flair of owner Kazui Osaki's home island of Japan. --- read more